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About the Seed of hope

The organization, Seed of Hope is a Canary Wharf, London – United Kingdom-based nonprofit charitable organization that provides entrepreneurial solutions to underprivileged by micro-financing and skill development and training. We are mainly going to implement our projects throughout Afghanistan and our initial pilot program will start from Kabul.
According to our researches, there are the amount of minority-owned businesses and The Seed of Hope will allow those micro-entrepreneurs to access the tools, training, and support they need to lead a more productive life. The women and disabled microentrepreneurs will get priority and equal treatment is given to all irrespective of gender, religion, caste or race.
We are a team that consists of individuals from different backgrounds with one common goal in mind and expect to serve all the minority entrepreneurs throughout Afghanistan. A small donation made can transform someone’s entire life by providing a model of sustainable income-generating opportunity. The donation, Zakat or Sadqah is delivered to the beneficiaries of the donors’ choice and with our reliable transparent system, the donors can track the donations made and the change it has brought to them. More details about products and services can be found in the 3rd section

Keys to Success

Ensuring the success of this, the organization, each of these activities needs to take place and be at the forefront of their day to day operations.


Establish a strong network of support for more entrepreneurs in the Afghan community


Launch a series of fundraising activities that will successfully fund the expanding program.


Establish an effective program to improve the understanding and development of micro-entrepreneurs.


Establish an effective monitoring system to help persons who want to start new small businesses.


Our team is truly unique. Each team member plays a vital role in the success of our overall success.
As an exceptional leader, change manager, and complex problem solver, he has proven skills in operations oversight, policy development, and process improvements. Mr. Deen Saqib will make decisions with this experience and expertise to develop the Seed of Hope’s projects and increase the services range.
He promotes a culture of continuous improvement to maintain adaptability and responsive organizations will be ready for changing market conditions and business demands. Mr. Deen is an expert in operations and successful strategies for enhancing operations, profits, and performances. He is also a natural team-builder and leader with proven abilities across all levels of organizational management. He has an excellent talent to develop partnerships, oversee personnel, and develop tactical plans to meet strategic goals. Mr. Deen Saqib is a proven change-manager with a significant background in people building. He is a results-driven executive with years of progressive experience in team and business management.

founder of Seed of Hope:

Mr. Deen Saqib



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