Legal Structure and Organization Ownership

The name of the organization is “Seed of Hope”, and it is registered under the law for “Non-profit Organizations”. In other words, we are going to acquire the 501(c) (3) status.

Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop entrepreneurs in underprivileged communities in Afghanistan by offering business ownership education, teaching trade skills, mentorship, wellness planning, and financial assistance to grow sustainable individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses

Vision Statement

Our vision

Our vision is to inspiring long-lasting entrepreneurship and teaching life skills to the underprivileged through education, development, financing, rehabilitation, and newfound awareness.

Keys to Success

Organization Perspectives

The organization’s strategy is to continue to improve its community service towards a high number of entrepreneurs in underprivileged communities that are equipped with tools for success.

Expanding services by offering much support to the community

Exploring new ways to come up with solutions to poverty and develop their general economic growth.

Introducing techniques and financial support to build up people’s minds to start businesses or continue their existing businesses as well as to reduce social risks.

Introducing new methods and strategies to build their businesses and make them live on their own.

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